Putting the 'man' in manicures.

A sample of the service you can expect.




Men, for too long you have gone without magenta sunrise on your nails. For too long you have had unsightly tips. FOR TOO LONG YOU HAVE GONE WITHOUT MANICURES. But it is not this day. A new sun rises in the area of MANicures.

A nail salon in LA is about to open it’s doors to clients of the male variety to come and enjoy well-priced manicures and pedicures. The man-cave inspired salon called, “Hammer and Nails” aims to knock down social misconceptions that manis are for women.

Not only that, the salon has big leather seats with sport playing on TV and  NONE OF THAT WOMEN BUSINESS GOSSIP TALK, EITHER. They say on their website, that you will be pampered in an environment more appropriate to your taste a.k.a just blokes doing blokey stuff, no women about – oh except for the women doing your nails.

The CEO, Michael Elliot said, ‘I have always hated going to get a mani just because of that feeling of walking in the door and it seems like all the women kind of look at you like, “What are you doing here?” and it’s just awful.’

It seems that singer, Seal was onto something with his coloured nails because the salon has said they offer a range of colours that cater to the growing trend of nail-polish on men.

Hammer and Nails salon

‘There’s this misconception that only metrosexual men would get a mani or pedi, or only gay men…I want to make nail care as common as getting a haircut and I feel like creating the right environment is key to that.’ He is just wanting to help his brother’s get good cuticles and make a ridiculous amount of money from it. 

Now Elliot’s just waiting on the state of Florida to give him a liquor licence so he can serve man-drinks like scotch, whisky and slippery nipples.

He believes many have never had a manicure because most salons are too intimidating. Fight the good fight, Mr. Elliot.

Do you know any men who would consider a mani?