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rbk July 9, 2022

I’m riddled with conflict about this.  I once asked my man if he wanted to try restraint play and when he said ‘no, you tied-up with zero control doesn’t turn me on’ I loved him even more. 

rbk July 5, 2022

We don’t suffer from type 1 diabetes we live with it. 

rbk May 22, 2022

And leave your phone in the locker

rbk May 8, 2022

MM is a performer by trade. She’s an expert at putting on a performance for other people - perhaps she left the royal system after recognising her whole life would be a performance if she stayed. Personally, unless there’s a bar with comfortable seating and nibbles I’d recommend reserving any 6 hour waits for the important people in your life.

rbk April 23, 2022

Putting down the small things is the very point of a gratitude journal

rbk April 18, 2022

I’ll swap you. I love my 53yo bloke (especially his declining eyesight when we’re naked together) but I’m his ageing unhealthy body, persistent whinging and relationship baggage make me want to trade him in for a younger model. It’s not just the blokes who want the younger, hotter and more easygoing. 

rbk April 13, 2022

A few things we can all do now - drive less, eat less meat, breed fewer children and take the zero (or close) energy plan with  your electricity provider 

rbk April 13, 2022

Good article - thank you. I had no idea what was happening in Sri Lanka. We are so bloody lucky here in Australia. We may be a lucky country run by second rate people who share in its luck - but we still are bloody lucky.

rbk March 27, 2022

Just move folks - ignore the rules, advice, articles and gym theories. Movement is medicine. 

rbk March 25, 2022

I’d say Olivia is in a bloody bad state right now. She seems to be a sensitive well meaning soul and I think she’ll be wearing this hard. Jackson seems like a good man and he probably sees her better side - I hope they’re getting beyond this together. 

rbk March 8, 2022

Australia has three levels of elected government and this poses big barriers for future focused change because our elected representatives often focus on the short term electoral cycle. Only a few politicians in local, state and federal govt can be considered genuine visionaries. In addition, us individuals tend to think about complex societal problems from multiple perspectives and often conflicting ones. My tip is the one that’s been stated and re-stated repetitively by thinkers and philosophers - if you can’t change the world, change yourself.  

rbk March 4, 2022

I believe this will take enduring generations to change. I believe these violent men are the tip of an iceberg where the large invisible part is the incidental day to day stuff we women experience daily. The words, assumptions and practices, even of good smart compassionate men. Like a tree which takes decades to grow and decades to die - I believe this entrenched pervasive stuff will take as long to dismantle as it did to create (possibly longer). 

rbk March 4, 2022

How sad is this. It feels like when we lost Steve Urwin. Warney filled his 50 yrs well.

rbk March 4, 2022

I don’t often feel that sense of national embarrassment I hear about but I can feel it with our treatment of Adnan and Mehdi. And equally as bad is that we’re losing them to the US - I’d love to see these resourceful determined young men stay here but yet again our governments and public policies  show they are short sighted, resistant to change and tangled-up in intra and inter party politics. Good luck fellows - I wish you all the health and happiness in the world.

rbk February 22, 2022

It really does take a community. It’s not just a punchy phrase.

rbk February 21, 2022

One night when I was about 25 years old I had a Carolina moment. I touched up the make up relentlessly and still hated what I saw in the mirror. I finally washed it off and went without makeup for about 15 years. I rediscovered makeup again at nearly 40 years old. 

rbk February 16, 2022

We need to recognise that our own propensity to click on this stuff is a major driver of its distribution. 

roisinbk February 13, 2022

Personally when a woman says “I know him better than he knows himself” I think she’s attached to man who’s absolved himself of his emotional responsibilities. Thankfully I’ve had male partners who know their own minds, opinions and shortcomings. They’ve known themselves very well and haven’t lumped me with that responsibility.

roisinbk February 10, 2022

Good on you for talking about this. In my twenties I took a friend or two to the pub after picking them up from a clinic. Some were open about it and others were private. 

roisinbk February 2, 2022

If we like our stars to be real people, vulnerabilities and all, then we’ll need to accept this type of thing. I was nearly 50 before I discovered perfectionism is thoroughly burdensome on everyone in my life especially me. I now revel in ordinary, good enough, and I actually think I get outcomes with this approach.