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boison May 28, 2024

Good points. I spent years 'buying things I like, but that don’t like me' and then I saw a style consultant (like this writer) and she suggested I go to a big department store (this was 20 yrs ago) like DJs and try-on every item that caught my eye, irrespective of what my head was saying about whether it would suit me or whether I'd wear it, etc. It was a good experience that helped me see body and style differently. It was exhausting too.

rk in sydney April 17, 2024

I’m the member of a 4 person family - all other family members are OS  - and this tale me very glad of that. And 1 of the 4 (my sister) is/has been estranged for 25+ years and I even feel glad about that after reading this. Yikes 

rk in sydney April 8, 2024

What a great story all round. Australia is so often a world leader in the medical sector 

rk in sydney March 25, 2024

Top tip thank you 

rk in sydney March 25, 2024

@sue l hi Sue - this was my question too and I think the answer is no. I read and reread the article and there’s no app reference. 

It might be like when we text a date or phone number and the phone will interpret it and convert to a link. 

rk in sydney March 21, 2024

The endless stream of stories from women whose health concerns have been ignored or dismissed as ‘normal’ makes me so f..king mad. Until recent years women were not included in clinical research because of concerns that the menstrual cycle would disrupt the findings. Aaaaaah.

rk in sydney March 16, 2024

I’d like to know whether these women genuinely subscribe to trad wife stuff or is it a good income generator. There’s an interesting article in The Economist about diverging views between the sexes in young people and I wonder whether these online trad wives are cashing-in on the trend. 

rk in sydney March 15, 2024

It sounds terrible and I imagine it requires eating thru a straw too

rk in sydney March 11, 2024

It’s possible people approached him and he ran away or resisted or something. It’s hard to know how much to persist in circumstances like these especially if reaching out to hold his hand,etc is met with fear. Personally I think people are better than your headline portrays. 

rk in sydney February 27, 2024

Good on you for writing this article!

rk in sydney January 30, 2024

I know a couple who own a business and they’ve said all of their friends are from the business - and they express disappointment about that circumstance. It needn’t be a flag, it can just be the circumstance of life that we find ourselves in. 

Looking for problems and complexity tends to be a human response. How about we try a little compassion, open mindedness and understanding given the culture we live in can push us around like pawns on a chess board.

rk in sydney November 28, 2023

There’d be a national inquiry, and ‘shock jock’ style broadcasters would be talking about it and calling for action. 

rk in sydney November 16, 2023

I’m super-big boobed and now in my fifties. If I could go back to my 20s I’d totally have a reduction done 

rk in sydney November 12, 2023

I love this fellow’s determination and I share his desperation to see real action. It’s damn hard for us individuals to have an impact though, even in big positions like those held by Anthony Albanese or Andrew Forrest. 

rk in sydney October 22, 2023

Sam Harris says social media is a psychological experiment that’s degrading us.

rk in sydney October 16, 2023

It’s interesting to see the number of people below who feel ‘ouched’ by this and their strong words. . I’m disgusted by my partners body as he approaches mid 50 - the hanging belly when I’m on my knees - but it’s damn hard to talk about it except to casually suggest take a walk, pick up a dumbbell, try 15 mins of yoga.

r123 August 17, 2023

Beneath the photos of these hot naked 50+ women I’d like to see a statement outlining the treatments they use and lifestyles they follow to achieve this result, like a product disclosure statement.

r123 March 24, 2023

I’m not sure about sunning the v or administering vitamins thru the veins but I can appreciate other stuff G talks about - and unless you’re a middle aged woman with the same issues it can be hard to take seriously. Instead of broths and other watery stuff, I eat almost zero sugars (meat, omelettes, some veges, some soups, some fruits) because when I hit 50 my ageing body gave me clear messages that something is wrong. One clear message was (and still is despite zero sugars) shiftless fat, especially around the middle (visceral fat) but others were more distinctive and quite scary. Every body is different- that’s functional medicine.

r123 March 4, 2023

I think gen x will be the last generation to buck the anti-ageing trend. The cosmetic beauty/anti ageing sector has thrived in the past 10 years or so to the point where it’ll potentially be mainstream practice for future generations. 

r123 February 18, 2023

I’m the same - never yearned for kids or motherhood (and thankfully in my 30s I left a relationship where it was important to him). I say “ it’s like being gay - some people are born that way”.