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odonovanoonagh November 10, 2022

I like her, as I do Gwenyth Paltrow, but it seems disingenuous to me to talk about empowering women and impossible standards when they themselves promote such standards.  Take a look at Jamie Lee Curtis recent interview...we age, and that is a fact.  Well at least for most.  Shoots and covers like these are not embracing ageing, rather the opposite, look what 53 looks like - this is not what what 53 really looks like for most people and I feel it is dangerous to younger girls to have this perception whether it is conscious of unconscious.

odonovanoonagh September 28, 2022

Re the rosacea - I did consult a dermatologist.  He told me only light therapy or something would work and to try the salon next door.  I subsequently learned that his GF owned the salon.  Lost faith thereafter.

odonovanoonagh October 11, 2021

Sorry I’m repeating a question I mistakenly put in the future episodes box…didn’t scroll down! Do either of you put dark eyeliner on lower eye part, the waterline part? Many thanks.

odonovanoonagh October 9, 2021

@snorks thanks so much. I got so far as getting in touch with an online trading company to open an account, but we agreed that clearing credit card debt was first priority, should be clear shortly, small debt in scheme, kept a single digit limit at all times.

odonovanoonagh October 9, 2021

@alpha many thanks for replying, some useful starting points. 

odonovanoonagh October 7, 2021

@Alpha any tips on where to go to learn more about investing?  I haven’t managed to get past Raiz.

odonovanoonagh October 7, 2021

Just curious as to whether savings is super or separate?