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ange23 November 6, 2023

Why do they call these women housewives?.....

I'm yet to see one of them hold a mop or broom !

ange23 June 8, 2023

Sooooooo many great moments, some of the 'topics' that are topics that I've actually found myself and my friends having over the years makes this show 'real'.

I looooooooved AJLT ( although I was mortified when Big passed away in the first episode)....I can't wait for season 2 !

ange23 March 21, 2023

LOL, 'HARRY' wants to sue for 'defemation'.....SERIOUSLY have you not stop and thought about how many people are watching this behaviour with their 'OWN EYES ' Harry !!!!!

ange23 March 21, 2023

BOOM......we have a winner ! 

And its KIRRA ! ,good work hun, FINALLY someone wiped the smirk off 'Harrys' face lol

ange23 December 1, 2021

@cat As I said 'Yes' there are some bad apples in the police force,  they're really cracking down now and there's going to be a huge commission into police ethics answer to that is ABOUT TIME ! 

You're right in voicing your opinion about hiding behind 'the badge'  weed out these individuals who make good officers look bad !

ange23 December 1, 2021

@simple simon Yeah, there is a special unit for domestic abuse,sexual assault ..... but when the initial call is made and officers attend ie: two males THEY will jump straight in and request for female members to attend 

ange23 December 1, 2021

@cat No not at all, I'm the first to admit that I myself would most likely request a female officer.

ange23 November 28, 2021

@simple simon ,I'm sorry that you feel like that and I'm not denying that there are some 'bad apples ' in the police force,  I am actually married to a police officer and I discussed this with him and unfortunately due to heavy worloads and skeleton staff when police are called you can't really pick and choose.  You CAN however request a female officer if you you are going to be searched.

The saying goes....treat people how you expect to be treated yourself. 
Again I'm sorry you feel like this...but don't ever be scared to assert your rights. 

ange23 October 29, 2020

This is heartbreaking, my thoughts are with you. I admire you for the strength you have kept up for this long, BUT you need to care for yourself,  you can only support your partner to a certain extent.....he has to be the one to take on the responsibility of kicking his habit.....if he can't  or won't, you ARE NOT to blame. 

Please stay strong and take care x

ange23 August 31, 2020

This is pretty awesome, I actually packed my daughter's bag for her when she went in to hospital for both of my grandsons. It was something I wanted to do. And I felt honored to do it. 

She lived close by when she had my first grandson but unfortunately moved interstate when baby number 2 came along and because of border shutdowns and corona I haven't been able to meet my second grandson in person yet.
So organising her bag for her was a way to have that close connection.

ange23 August 26, 2020

What an amazing young lady. Someone to definitely be admired. And people who whinge and complain about trivial little things in life should maybe step back and realise that life isn't so bad after all. Bless you Sophie, You're awesome. 

ange23 August 20, 2020

Thanks.......But NO THANKS!!!!!!!