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it is me November 8, 2023

I teach in special school, i Agee with most of these statements. Most of our students have tried mainstream, and it hasn’t worked. There are kids in mainstream who would be eligible for my school who are included and learning at mainstream. Few quick points though, from a QLD perspective-just to clear things up-may be different elsewhere. 

QLD teach and assess on Australian Curriculum-all subjects. There are adjustments for students not at prep/foundation level, but they still learn curriculum in age equivalent ways suitable for their ability. 
The funding model is changing-previously it has been average if 1 teacher to 6 students, going forward it will be 1-10.
Our school does not have 1 2 metre fence, let alone 3. We have some students who have attempted to abscond. 

it is me October 3, 2023

As a special school teacher and one currently working in the curriculum space this breaks my heart. Most students who are at our school (a tiny tiny proportion of the 10s of thousands of kids who live in our catchment) started at mainstream and it didn’t work for them and their families. At our school our kids have peers, friendships, are learning from specialized teachers with skills to assist their learning, communication, health, behaviour needs. 

ness September 24, 2023

@rush yeah it would be good if they were actually honest about the price of what that would cost

ness September 10, 2023

I struggle with this with influencers. Because if they  are posting and benefiting from my views and my likes, which they are-to get spon con etc-there needs to be a space for valid criticism. Also, no one is everything for everyone at all times. 

ness August 17, 2023

What’s the alternative? Did I like it? No. I laughed at the photoshop joke. But without killing him off on the show, or some big fight where he is never seen again, which both happened to two characters, what other storyline is there? 

ness May 22, 2023

This article is spectacular and thought provoking. Wow. 

ness May 19, 2023

The Americans is such an amazing show. The final episode is hands down the best final episode of all time. Highly highly recommend! I wonder what happened to the characters and what was next for them. 

ness April 22, 2023

@sarahlulu2 this is not all state schools. I also know of a number of very expensive private schools where this doesn’t happen, but the underhand, sneaky bullying of staff and students by parents and students is horrific. It’s easy to deal with obvious behaviour in front of you like this

ness April 22, 2023

Thank you for sharing. Every teacher I know-public, private, primary, high and special is burnt out and doesn’t know how long they can keep going. It’s a workforce that go into the role because they care about kids and want to do right by them, and it takes a lot for them to say-I cannot do it any more.

These stories are not the worst I have heard of this week. From private schools as well as public-but the public school behaviours are just more out in the open. 

ness January 23, 2023

@gypsy also there were 3 public holidays that my husband didn’t have counted as part of his holidays. There is 2 public holidays next holidays. There’s another week of holidays he gets in the first 4 months. I dont get any of them. If public holidays fall in school holidays for teachers we don’t get them made up. Which is fine. I’m not expecting them to, but it’s a thing. 

ness January 22, 2023

@rosiecat I think they say that because often by the time they get to middle teen years they may still be home, but they are often more interested in being with mates rather than spending time with you 

ness January 21, 2023

I’m a parent and teacher. And due to my role have had the last week on site working while my children are on holidays, and the week before working at home around kids, still so o haven’t had to juggle all hols, but do have some concept (students return tomorrow in qld, but start at the beginning of December…). My children access before and after school care through the term. Teachers are not babysitters. We are not there as childcare. The end. Full stop. 

ness September 8, 2022

I did most of my dress shopping solo, and it was only once I had narrowed it down that I took my entourage. Depending on your personality type and relationships, I knew I might get swayed to something I didn’t totally love if I hadn’t already made up my mind

ness April 4, 2022

This is 100% true. It's about conditions and respect. I work so hard, often at the expense of myself and my own family, and to continually be told (by government, by the media, by everyday people-even by people who are close to me at times....) that what  I do is easy, and I'm lucky and I should be doing more. 

This last term has been the hardest of my 15 year career, for a number of reasons, on top of 2 really hard years. And we just keep being told to do more with less-less money (I'm a state school), less time, less staff. 
Most of  my out of class time is spent doing all that busy work, I'm not creating exciting lessons for my students, or resources that will engage them-I'm doing checklists or data entry, I'm writing up the phonemail I'm had with a parent and entering the emails I have received into the contact system. I'm burnt out and exhausted and over it. 

ness March 20, 2022

I’m close to 15 years of teaching, so I’ve tripled the average, but I am so done. Burnt out, exhausted, I have nothing left. I can’t catch up ns get on top of everything. 

But I’m to tired to study anything else or even consider another job. I feel stuck. 
I’m not a DET employee, instead a qld state school teacher. 

ness January 9, 2022

100% agree. Except for why teachers are angry. I’m not angry I have to teach unvaccinated kids, I’m angry that in 2 years there has been nothing done to sort out ventilation in classrooms (in state schools at least), in classrooms that are overstuffed. also that as a teacher (and parent) the goalposts keep shifting and changing and the expectations on is keep growing and there is no warning and we get pressure from every angle-parents, government, media…

ness November 4, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 I really disagree. On the surface that's what the movie looks like it is about, but in reality it's about female friendship and building one another up, it's standing up for yourself, Her character is smart and switched on and kind. 

ness October 2, 2020

I have been having chin pimples for months. Big ugly blind ones, that by the time they would grow a giant head, then scab up and heal another one would be there. Chin pimples are usually hormonal, so I blamed breastfeeding. I got a facial, and my beautician said she thought that it was personal dermatitis. And it was. I'm taking an oral antibiotic and it's healing so quickly. I have also struggled for months. I also got a blood test while I was there and was severely low in iron. So dont keep buying products and see a doctor!

ness May 18, 2020

This makes me sick on so many levels. But how did 1 person have responsibility for her for over a year? 7 days a week, no holidays?

Also, as a special school teacher, I believe in inclusion. But at the moment, for some kids, mainstream school doesn't work. Just like not every kid is suitable for Sydney Law, not every kid will fit the mainstream bubble. I live in a region with 10 of thousands of students, and my school has 150 of them. And the most passionate staffed who have so much experience and are so well trained in specific disability appropriate programs. Special schools are not the devil, and kids aren't put there to e ignored. 

Ness December 18, 2017

What about Kate's arm??