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amcc9 March 12, 2024

Your recaps are so good and I love them 

amcc9 February 29, 2024

This article is everything my sister and I have been saying since the concert. It was amazing in every way 🩷

amcc9 February 28, 2024

What an icon and what show. So glad I was a part of this phenomenon. Swifties 4 Eva 🩷

amcc9 February 15, 2024

Absolutely loved the last sentence of this article. She is a self made genius. 

amcc9 February 9, 2024

Stuff the patriarchy and wear what you want. This is beyond ridiculous. 

amcc9 February 1, 2024

Your articles make me laugh out loud. Thankyou. 

amcc9 December 27, 2023

Thankyou for this app! It is brilliant. 

amcc9 December 7, 2023

Why should Taylor have a snake charm. She was not the snake and this is a lazy way to think you are cleverly ending an article. 

amcc9 October 27, 2023

@ican'tthinkofone you’ve missed the whole point of the article obviously. What a shame 

amcc9 October 17, 2023

I was a single mum and I honestly thought this was an outdated issue. Surely people don’t think this anymore. My kids are far more well adjusted than they ever would have been if I’d stayed with their father. All families are different. Judgement should stop. 

amcc9 October 17, 2023

Men need to read this article. 

amcc9 September 8, 2023

Always so wonderfully eloquent real and honestly sensitive. Your writing is beautiful and your commentary is funny and insightful. Another great article. I look forward to everything you do. Thankyou x

amcc9 August 27, 2023

Can’t watch this show. It was great when it first started. Loved the makeovers and the before and after and the clever design ability of the contestants. Now it’s just drama and the stupid music and meanness. Who needs that. Byeeeee

amcc9 August 17, 2023

I used to watch this show back when it first started but it’s just become another reality show which promotes drama over creativity. Totally Over this sort of television . It’s awful and unproductive. 

amcc9 July 31, 2023

I get his sentiment but maybe if he expressed himself differently it may have been taken in a more positive light. Like’ how amazing is this person’ …. But I do agree it should be acknowledged how incredible it is to be an elite athlete and also endure the physicality that motherhood brings. 

amcc9 July 18, 2022

So funny Claire Murphy. Loved this article.. now should I watch this or not?? 

amcc9 January 31, 2022

Thank you for sharing. 3 weeks on still not feeling myself. This too will pass. Happiness and health to all x