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eselise January 19, 2022

Great article! 👍

eselise January 15, 2022

Aced it! 👌 Literally never heard of the borrowers but I should look it up! Ferngully - props 👏 and all the rest.. 😄

eselise January 14, 2022

Bravo! 🎉 ☺️

eselise January 10, 2022

Couldn’t have said it better myself. It felt like a punch in the abdomen wen Perrottet stated on tv that yes the case numbers are high but the healthcare system is surviving or some equivalent. Obvs he can only relay wat he’s been told or is privy to and honestly the ppl in healthcare running the show at the head of the hosp r no better, bloody come on the floor and see wat we’re really dealing with and stop demanding we do over time wen they can’t find the staff to fill the spots. Worst of all though is still those who don’t want to be vaccinated without a genuine medical excuse.

eselise January 8, 2022

Great article! Saw so much of myself in this, which was a huge relief. I’ve spent most of my life living in my head trying to decipher/sort through my thoughts. Most days I require a nap after having only been awake a couple of hours. It’s mental exhaustion! Thanks for posting.. 

eselise January 8, 2022

Good article! So true we need to all stop being so superficial on dating apps and start presenting who we truly are if we truly want to find a match. I’ve also realised I’m the worse at letting convos fizzle simply because I will not go back on the app frequently enuf even wen I remember that I should. I’ve realised I’m clearly not as interested as I thought in dating atm and will pick things back up wen I truly am.. 😊

eselise January 5, 2022

It is complete BS that he has been allowed in to play.. But I’m pretty sure money and fame speaks louder volumes than a set of rules.. 😌

eselise January 3, 2022

Beautifully written! Couldn’t agree more I look at my friends in relationships and I think to myself when they speak like they r literally the guys mother ‘he sounds like a douche’. Being a mum would be a great experience that I hope I get to achieve one day by either adoption or co parenting of a partners already acquired offspring say, but when society looks down on those who choose not to have children I just think it’s because we’re looking to find happiness within ourself which is a pretty crucial part to self growth and honestly you’re life semi happily married with kids doesn’t sound like it’s fulfilling u as much as u thought it would.

eselise January 2, 2022

Ha hilarious! ☺️ Can’t beat a good fyre too in Summer Bay.. 🔥 

eselise December 29, 2021

Good article! I would def be on the spectrum, I just have never sought a diagnosis. Glad to hear life makes more sense for you now. I just try to live/compensate by illiminating people/ things that serve to make my life too hard. I gave up on doing the things I thought I had to do to be an acceptable adult some time back. 😊

eselise December 24, 2021

👍. Mainstream porn is made by cis hetero males aimed at cis hetero males. I’d rather watch girl:girl porn although not even the mainstream versions of this because u can tell the girls r just acting and most likely not even into it themselves. Porn can def be a big part of a person discovering their sexuality but kissing is also something that mainstream hetero porn could incorporate a lot more of to teach a male that this is a good act of passion and foreplay.

eselise December 21, 2021

I can never understand why a girl would treat another girl differently due to their looks. It shouldn’t matter what sex you are and what the person looks like but I gather that in a cis hetero male dominated world a lot do treat a girl based on how f***able they are. But why do hetero girls say feel the need to distinguish their friendship group based on the same. What are you gaining from this if you’re not into them romantically? A person’s personality should always dominate and with a bit of luck over time the world dominant groups may hopefully become quashed.

eselise December 14, 2021

Yes! I def subscribe to the friendship pie method without having given it a name. I could never understand why as someone in my 30’s I didn’t have long term friendships or that my high school friends couldn’t give me enough of what I needed to sustain a life long friend. But this works so much better as I feel it allows for growth as a person. Perhaps this is the answer to meeting a lifelong partner too - we’re never really going to find someone who can tick all the boxes but if we enjoy some parts from their company then that is what matters more. 😊

eselise November 27, 2021

I think these doms def would be worth giving a go. I think as much as I tell myself oh it feels better with nothing on down there, I’m really just trying to impress the guy. It is startling though the amount of females including my old self who would just rely on luck and the fact that nothing had occurred previously when it came to STI’s. But my advice now would be to others is to wait and see what ur latest cervical screen comes back with and that’s enough to really put the ball in your court and make u realise that guys may come and go but some STI’s stick around for the long haul. It’s not worth taking the risk and increasing your risk of cervical cancers.

eselise November 27, 2021

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great to know someone else experiences this. Happy to hear you’ve found a great partner too who is obvs a champ and loves a laugh too! Quite frankly I’d love more ppl that I associate with to crack more jokes, it gets tiring being the only one.. 🥱😊