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beasmith.30 May 1, 2024

I didn't realise you have to pay first then be reimbursed from the $5k. Seriously??!! 

I thought yesterday's pow-wow would at least look at preventing violence, they're treating the symptom but not the cause.
How about looking at the legal side - AVO's, bail, jail terms, judicial decisions. I think this needs urgent reviewing.

beasmith.30 March 25, 2024

@info Same! I'd listen to her read the phone book....

beasmith.30 March 3, 2024

Love your recaps! You say exactly what I'm thinking about this trash TV (that I love)

beasmith.30 February 18, 2024

Hilarious recap - love it!!!

beasmith.30 January 29, 2024

I. Am. Pumped! Bring on the season! And I love Moody too. 

That groomsman's speech needs to be burned.

beasmith.30 January 13, 2024

What an interesting article! I now have a name for what I do every day. I drive an hour to and from work, it used to be my 'debrief/decompress' time but traffic is busier and I pay attention 100%. Now I get home and sit in my driveway for half an hour running through the day, what I'm making for dinner,  what I need to do tomorrow,  just gathering my thoughts and relaxing, funnily enough. 

I didn't realise it's now a thing 😄

beasmith.30 January 4, 2024

Thank you for sharing. It's a hard story to share. 

I wonder where these partners learn how to act this way? How to dominate and control? How to gaslight and be toxic? Is there a gang where people can fine tune these negative attributes? We read these stories from (mostly) females and makes me wonder where (some) men learn these behaviours? Shockingly scary and real. Who's he doing it to now and what is her life like?

beasmith.30 December 31, 2023

Great article!

Over the last year I had a professional organiser help with my walk-in-robe. My fav tip I got from her is to lay out the next day's wardrobe before bedtime. Saves me indecision every morning!

beasmith.30 November 26, 2023

Yes!!! The one where they message too much at the start before you've even met. It's way too much! And  I think it's healthier to hold a little bit of yourself back until you meet the other person then if you're both into each other - go for it! 

I got the ick from 2 guys recently who jumped in with both feet with the full-on texts before we'd had a chance to share a coffee. 

beasmith.30 September 18, 2023

I really got a lot out of this exert - I'm a new Team Leader and this has helped me greatly, thank you!

beasmith.30 June 15, 2023

@imogensiobhan_ spot on. My younger brother (6yrs difference) got the start of the 'everyone's a winner' ribbon on sports day. I'm fascinated hearing his age range of friends talk about their triggers and anxiety. It makes me sad that they can't just have had a bad day or feel angry about a mistake they've made - they seem uncomfortable to sit in their discomfort and process it. It's really fascinating as a viewer.

beasmith.30 June 15, 2023

@grumpier monster I loved brandy! Your explanation is spot on. And we played Red Rover and all forms of 'chase-y' and 'barleys'.  

beasmith.30 March 8, 2023

Really enjoyed this article! As a single parent I've joked over the last 20 years that I'd love a 'wife' or 'houseman' (paid) to run my home, to give me some sense of sanity to keep ploughing away at full time work & then to enjoy time with my daughter.

If I could afford it then hell yes I'm all for outsourcing these tasks many women do without thinking twice. These tasks fall into: if I don't do it, who will? & It's easier to do it myself, categories. 
I agree with another commenter, women do it for free & rarely get the respect that comes with paid employment. We fought for equality, we're on the way in the workforce (another topic) by cutting the chains to the kitchen sink & getting into the workforce but who picks up the slack in the household duties? That's what needs reviewing & equal division. 
I have hope and think it's doable.

beasmith.30 February 1, 2023

LOVE the recap - I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more!!