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mrsp August 16, 2023

Most of my life the words "Play like a girl" were used as an insult and to demean females. The Matilda's have banished that patriarchal concept & last night we watched with joy and pride as they played like the fierce athletes they are. Go the Tilly's 👊⚽️

mrsp August 8, 2023

Love stories about love!! So many gorgeous happy faces beaming out at us 🥰

mrsp April 23, 2023

This is nuts! What sort of workplace would allow this type of behaviour towards their employees? I don't have answers just horror at what I read.   

mrsp March 22, 2023

Bone brush is not soup! Soup is delicious and filling and teaming with veggies,  grains,  legumes, meats, pasta etc.  

mrsp February 10, 2023

These articles are great - keep them coming! 

mrsp January 4, 2023

Totally agree - it's an awful label to diagnose our brilliant kids with. Google the "ADHD Strengths Iceberg" for a great printable flyer that lists all the amazing abilities our kids have. Ours is on the fridge and Miss 9 loves showing it off to people. 

mrsp January 4, 2023

Look forward to seeing the new one if it's a total new format! I spent xmas in bed with covid and watched 2 seasons of the US FBoy Island and it is amazing! Can't wait to see the Australian version soon :) 

mrsp October 28, 2022

Sounds like a wild ride and I'm glad Alice lived to tell her tale as so many don't. Hope it comes out as an e-book too. 

mrsp September 16, 2022

While it's great to see and hear so many stories from women with adult diagnoses, and I sincerely hope we saw more studies into female ADHD, I've been left feeling really flat and sad after reading this essay.

My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed last year and is currently taking medication during school days. Her appetite and weight and overall growth are impacted by the meds, but from a learning point of view the benefits outweigh the undesired outcomes. Reading a descriptive and realistic outline of the "negatives" Mia's had all her life makes me so sad for my child. She's too little to really understand her diagnoses, but already knows she's "different" to everyone else and all we read from women diagnosed as adults is how much of a struggle life is. It's tough for adults diagnosed, but it's tough for a parent of an ADHD kid too.  

As a side note - The public school system is not equipped to best support her as she's  a "good girl" and not angry and aggressive. Without medication, she's incapable of starting tasks, finishing tasks, getting her desk packed up, building healthy relationships with kids her age or being on time to things, but because she's friendly and chatty she's not given any learning support.    

mrsp June 21, 2022

Please don't spray any perfumed scents on a long haul flight. Your idea of a heavenly scent might be your neighbours idea of eau de barf. 

mrsp January 20, 2022

Another horrific story of our "world best" health system failing miserably. After todays announcement about WA delaying re-opening their borders I'm kind of inclined to think, we can't really blame them! 

mrsp January 9, 2022

@mrsp and we can't leave the house to get RATS even if they were available to buy in Sydney. Also tried to book our 8yo in for the first shot today ... our GP said to try calling back in Feb for an appointment.  

mrsp January 9, 2022

I'm too sick and exhausted with the 'mild' covid case I've got to be angry. No energy, no sense of smell or taste, no voice, awful headache and cough, sore chest from coughing and a heavy cold. I'm on day 7 and still feel awful. I just want to punch the politicians in the head every time they say most people only get mild symptoms... just because we're not ending up in hospital doesn't mean we're not really unwell. 

mrsp November 6, 2021

The amount of gambling ads played at all times of the day or night is simply appalling and irresponsible. I loathe them, have zero interest in them and agree it's grooming young minds into normalising it. No wonder streaming services are preferred by many so we can avoid the annoying ads. 

mrsp October 7, 2021

Very well said Gemma. It does feel like many progressive steps could be removed just that little bit more easily now. America, Poland and other conservative countries are all seeing precious won rights reversed and I fear without a loud left or middle moderates that we could slip the same way. 

mrsp September 6, 2021

All the dingbats numbers are listed in this Crikey article ... feel free to complain about these annoying messages!

mrsp August 8, 2021

I'm sorry ... that's a really shitty thing to have happen and I'm pretty sure illegal. Wasn't gazumping outlawed decades ago? Hopefully there is somewhere you can report them? Good luck with the future hunt ... you've got this!

mrsp August 2, 2021

@georgiew I too have a friend who's private school/university educated and has been sucked into the conspiracy vortex. Sadly I can't reason with her and as I enter the 5th week of home schooling I don't have the emotional energy to keep comms channels open.

mrsp July 27, 2021

This is truly awful to see a young healthy woman die from the virus. I'm curious though how the boyfriend and brother got to see her in hospital if they had also tested positive? I thought if you were in isolation you wouldn't be allowed to travel to a hospital {car, train, bus, uber?} to say goodbye? With so much misinformation floating around, the facts in articles need to be robust and not have holes in them.

mrsp April 10, 2021

I've got an 8yo and have never been asked when we're having another one. It's never been brought up by anyone and I've never been judged by anyone. I think this might be another myth perpetuated by the media!