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esm May 27, 2021

she raped Luke, It was horrible. And her last monologue was as much about her self as it was about Serena Joy. 

esm October 15, 2020

@msd I have gone the other way from fat to thin (i had weight loss surgery) and its all to real. The worst is slim people thinking I'm a safe person to make snide fatphobic comments and jokes too... They look so surprised when i tell them off. Makes me so sad that people viewed me so differently and probably talked that way about me before, when I am still the same person...

esm April 14, 2020

Abbie slayed them, like the queen she is.

esm February 13, 2020

Right? and paying 300 a week in rent? maybe if shes had a job since she was 16 and lived with her parent up until now? even then its a crazy amount of savings!

esm October 30, 2019

There is no 'band' in the surgery they are talking about, the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Malnutrition can be more common with a bypass, as there is less absorption, but its pretty rare with sleeve patients. I know I'm just one example, but 2 years post sleeve, above average bone density (via a dexa body scan) and all my bloods are perfect. I needed an iron infusion when i was obese, just before i got the surgery in fact, and my levels have maintained 2 years later.

esm November 5, 2018

my partners daughter has autism and refuses to speak to new people or anyone that has not made their way onto her mental list. It can come across as quite weird and/or rude. She's as lovely and bright as anything with people on her list. I'm not saying all 3 of the kids have autism, but there may be other reasons than them being rude or not liking her. its a bit harder if the parents were also weird and weren't open to speaking about it!

esm October 2, 2017

Kylie isn't Kims step sister, they have the same mum....

esm September 9, 2017

know what’s better than tampons? Menstrual cups, better for the environment by
far and I believe better for your vagina, less drying etc. Plus you can leave
it in for 12 hours. It takes a bit of practice to get insertion and removal down,
but I’d highly recommend!

esm August 16, 2017

yeh they could and there will always be a bad egg, but as a rule they don't as they need the good rating to keep making money! Accountability maks a much better service!

esm August 13, 2017

You're voting no for equality because you don't like a gay politician, Wow. you're a peice of work!

esm July 4, 2017

if they choose that identity hopefully their parents would support it? Hell of a lot less confusing then being called a boy all you life and inside thinking you are a girl, or non-binary, and having to fight against the identity thats been placed upon you for however many years. They arent saying the child in 'non-binary' like them simply letting them decide when they are old enough to undertand themselves a bit?

esm July 4, 2017

oh my god, sex is different to gender and identity. You can have female sex organs and therfore be able to give birth and not identify as a women.

esm July 2, 2017

yes i was a bit confused as to the situation, how do you accidentlaly king hit someone?

esm June 21, 2017

i just hold the samples up to my skin....

esm June 21, 2017

biological maleness is sex though, that is different to gender, and i think male privilidge is really more about gender, its not like people check for a penis...and of course they dont speak for your experience, no one can do that but you, and i dont think they were trying to say otherwise.

esm May 31, 2017

When did anyone mention health? It was about not telling people that short and round/fat equals ugly. If you're so concerned about health you might be concerned about the mental health of people being told they are not acceptable/
not normal / not beautiful. You know what’s really unhealthy as has many associated health issues, placing a big burden on society? Stress, being constantly told you’re not acceptable, not healthy enough (as if you owe anyone your health), a burden, not beautiful, is pretty effing stressful. But thanks for your concern….

esm May 23, 2017

Yep, that almost exaclty what I could save in 7 months if I didnt pay rent...God do i wish i had parents (that i got along with) in Sydney!

esm May 23, 2017

I must say I had a similar experience went I spent 3 weeks
in New York, I was out and about more than normal of course but I got a LOT more attention as a bigger girl.

esm May 18, 2017

maybe out of guilt for how we treated indegenous cultures, maybe we learned that being accomodating is much nicer than stamping other cultures out

esm May 18, 2017

for three hours a week, come on, its harldy a big imposition on the taxpayers!