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April 14, 2024

I noted that Queensland Health dropped the ball again here with Mental Health. He fell through the cracks. Last year, my friend Wendy Sleeman was allegedly attacked with a knife by her son, who had menal health issues, and she was put in the boot of her car and he drove her to a garage and left her to bleed out in the boot. She begged Queensland Health to commit him. But they said they could not help because he was too violent. I have so many letters she wrote in anguish begging Queensland Health to protect her and others, but they did not listen. So the Bondi attack feels similar. The attacker also was left alone by Queensland Health who cimply handed him over to others to deal with. Queensland Health failed again to act appropriately to protect people.

monicaz January 27, 2024

Wendy Sleeman (top row, third from the left) was our friend. She was kind and gentle, loved dogs, was involved in so many charities, and always had time to care for others. She was stabbed by her mentally unwell son, put in the boot of his car, and he drove her to a parking garage and left her to die there. She knew her son would kill her one day, but nobody was able to prevent it happening as there is not enough funding for the mental health, and not enough facilities to house them.

November 22, 2023

I know the feeling of unconditional love. But my issue is more with pride. I cannot stop boasting about my sons' many achievements - which are actually very impressive, but still -  practically rugby-tackling near strangers to talk about my  boys. Sadly, I only have boys so cannot comment on what would happen if I had girls! Motherhood makes us behave so weirdly!

June 28, 2023

I could not agree more....absolutely have found that when I talk about how much I adored most moments of parenting, mums who are unhappy slam me down. I then feel insensitive and unable to celebrate the joy of motherhood and delights of raising little ones to adults. Mine was overwhelmingly happiness - I leaned into parenting big time and never felt I lost myself. 

May 22, 2023

I simply cried when I saw and read about this. What a beautiful man, who has such grace and dignity under fire, and a reminder to all of us to remain vigilant in vetting what we say. This wave of PC virtue signalling really annoys me, but we MUST learn to respectfully disagree, and not vilify peopl for different views in a hateful way that disrespect and denigrates who they are as people. Stand up for what you think. Shout out your view. But remember that is is just one of many views - usually based on your education, race, culture and privilege. 

monicaz April 30, 2023

I think you explained it perfectly...and honestly...the fact Abbi has no children would make this confusing for her...but something a mother would not be confused about at all...until u have a can u? 

monicaz April 28, 2023

Welcome to my world!! I have now got "acute" arthritis in both hips and down my lower spine. Here are my tips, for what they are worth: Pilates and yoga are not the answer as you have to be so very, very careful not to aggravate the hips. Opening of the hips exercises just inflame so you have to limp. Swimming is fine - get waterproof headphones - and it honestly gets better if you keep to under half and hour -- . Water aerobics will only hurt like hell too as the hip situation again!! I have found that light weights for arms (again, overhead exercises need to be done very very carefully) are good, wall pilates is great, and the elliptical machine is a winner - plus the sit-down cycle with back support. If your hips hurt, then cycling (when you push back) will hurt but front cycling doesn't hurt so the seated bike where your legs are in front! Lose weight - the lighter the better. Avoid all sugar (hahahaha - I wish!) and then just accept and focus on what we can do. But damn, it is so frustrating and maddening and yes, you are so young - but about when my osteo kicked in too. Sending lots of love. 

monicaz April 22, 2023

Absolutely my experience...hideous beyond...and I have heard is such an awful gig...never ever again...

monicaz April 22, 2023

You are now Defs off the invite list...🤣

monicaz November 22, 2022

I love Clare's humour...she is an awesome writer!

monicaz November 21, 2022

@mary-anne .I hear you and totally understand what you are saying as it could sound a little judgemental but that is probably a reflection on my writing skills - trying to be humorous when writing about myself and not paying enough attention to the tone. On reflection, I might word it differently now you have pointed this out - but it was just supposed to be my brief rant about something that bugs me - and by your comment, you probably balance out the conversation. xxx

monicaz March 6, 2021

It must be a big relief to others who can relate - I certainly have felt desire for a few men, but these days, I have absolutely NO INTEREST. None. And I wish people would stop trying to hook me up. I am happy single. 

monicaz February 8, 2021

Now of course I will also be very frustrating that we will never know...

monicaz January 10, 2021

Just seen this now and it is an amazing letter. So loving yet putting yourself and your kids first and worded in such an open-hearted and kind way. If I was to write a letter to my ex, it would be " Listen up FOK (father of kids), I still loathe the part of you I can still remember a decade after our divorce. And I think I would still be quietly delighted if something really bad happened to you. I am still furious you were not the person I wanted you to be and that you insisted you could never be. Can't wait for our children to be able to drive and I never have to communicate with you ever again."  So, anonymous,  you are incredible and I have lessons to learn from you!