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@GandT didn't know this, but on the other hand, it is possible they were separated or having issues, I mean going on a cruise without your wife and kids isn't normally a great sign your marriage is healthy. September 17, 2022

Look into joining a local toy library and borrow books from the library, both great as I find my toddler gets over toys so quickly. Spend money on buying open ended toys like lego and Connetix for birthdays/Christmas as you get so much more use than just play toys.

Also agree with the admin day idea, but I check things sporadically rather than dedicate a whole day to it. August 20, 2022

This article would have been so much better if we could see the author's money journal. April 12, 2022

Wow - $1600 a month on groceries. Good on them though for being hard working and driven, wish I had the energy! November 21, 2021

What's important is how you felt in the moment. All these women looked beautiful and more importantly probably felt like a million dollars. October 7, 2021

Omg some of the debt these women are in is shocking, being 400000 in debt, I really hope that's a typo otherwise she needs some serious financial counselling, especially being an accountant. September 22, 2021

Can't help but feel a bit of biased considering this article was written by someone from a company who profits off big brands selling beauty. Call me naive, but sounds like you're just defending the hand that feeds you? August 3, 2021

Nurses are the absolute lifeblood of hospitals. Without them the hallways would fall silent, there would be no one to have a laugh with, no one who has the time to sympathise or empathise with you. Honestly, my hats off to you hard working men and women. Doctors are great but it's the nurses!! July 21, 2021

Thanks 🙏 May 6, 2021

A lot of Kombucha is brewed with artificial sweeteners known to cause digestive issues. This is the reason I can't drink it, I get horrible reactions from artificial sweeteners. April 26, 2021

Couldn't find minari on prime. This might be wrong. April 11, 2021

Maybe they could focus on trying to be more sustainable in their shopping also. Lots of plastic and disposables like razors and plastic ear buds. While I don't know their financial situation there are definitely some cost efficient sustainable things they could be doing. Would set a great example by Mamamia to maybe do a feature on sustainable food shopping. December 6, 2020

Honestly who cares? Drink in moderation, eat chocolate in moderation, exercise and eat mostly healthy things but just enjoy living and the delicious things like champagne, yummy cocktails and chocolate.