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lady leslea of canada January 5, 2021

@mamamia-user-739637812 You are very brave to disclose this information about you and your baby. Your baby cries because he/she cannot talk. He/she is telling you "mama I need something". Don't ever say you hate your baby, those word aren't true. You must realise that babyhood is only for a short period of time and with time it gets easier. When you become overwhelmed it is ok to take a few minutes to regroup. It is ok for your baby to cry for a few minutes while you get yourself together. Take your time with baby because they can feel when you are agitated. Breathe deeply and try to smile this helps you to ease into a more comfortable space. Remember, it is 100% ok to walk away when baby is driving you crazy, deep breathing, regrouping and ask for help! It is great to have help when you feel overwhelmed. It doesn't mean that you have failed or that you can't do it alone. Babies are hard work. Just know that this won't last forever and that this little bub loves you more than anyone so please be nice to baby. Tell baby you love them because that is the truth.

Leslea January 31, 2020

I agree with the "too soon" team. The guy just died with his daughter. Sometimes you just wait your turn to dig up old news! People make mistakes, he was 24. We all heard about it already. Put it to rest with him.

Leslea August 8, 2019

Is this how you would feel if hubby/wifey said that to you?

Leslea July 30, 2019

Ok but it says she had went there for the same issue 18x in 7 months. There had to have been some ,or at least one interaction with a Doc. At lease you would think at a hospital.

Leslea July 30, 2019

Are you white???

Leslea July 23, 2019

All those kids are so cute! I absolutely love the Royals!!

Leslea July 20, 2019

I thought that was her! She is very pretty!!

Leslea July 13, 2019

Why the hell did they let her go to 42 weeks!?! Poor mum! If she was already crowning wouldn't it be too late for a C section? Do yourself a favour love and apply for C section now at 40 weeks!!!

Leslea May 30, 2019

My mini jerk is now 13! And I still try every now and then with the"cool" mom thing! He laugh's! He turned out fine but he was a drama KING! His theme song when he was a baby was"Bad Boy's" from tv show "COPS". If he heard it from his nursery from the tv in the family room, he would simply climb out of his crib looking for a party. He also was riding a 2 wheel bicycle in a diaper before he was potty trained!! Such fun days!!

Leslea April 29, 2019

I don't know, it sounds peachy,but these gals are to be punished there. Not free rear your family for FREE. Not on mine dime!

Leslea April 19, 2019

WoWzer, Hope they get a proper Dr, or Midwife out there! I think they need it!! Crazy ass lady! (lucky baby)!

Leslea April 12, 2019

Those kids more then likely have never even seen
those parts of the house! They probably have their own floor, like a locked ward in an institution, where Kim and Kanye The Klown keep those designer kiddies and their nannies. The are so dumb!

Leslea April 10, 2019

True, pure love! That is awesome!!