The Royal Family just confirmed Prince Harry is dating actress Meghan Markle.

In an unprecedented move from Kensington Palace, a statement has been released confirming the relationship between Prince Harry and 35-year-old Toronto-based actress, Meghan Markle.

Over the last few weeks, speculation has been rife that the two are dating, but as a result the Suits star has been viciously attacked by social media trolls.

“Since he was young, Prince Harry has been very aware of the warmth that has been extended to him by members of the public,” the statement begins.

“He is also aware that there is significant curiosity about his private life,” it continues, explaining “he has never been comfortable with this, but he has tried to develop a thick skin.”

The statement goes on to say that “the past week has seen a line crossed,” with Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, the subject of “a wave of abuse and harassment.”


Racism and sexism are explicitly mentioned.

“Prince Harry is worried about Ms. Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her,” the statement continues.

While some people might think this is all part of a game, the statement says, the Prince strongly disagrees. “This is not a game – it is her life and his,” it reads.

Meghan Markle is known for her role in US drama 'Suits'. Image via USA Network.

Finally, the Palace asks "that those in the press who have been driving this story...pause and reflect before any further damage is done."

"It is unusual to issue a statement like this, but [Kensington Palace] hopes that fair-minded people will understand why [Prince Harry] has felt it necessary to speak publicly."