Prince George turns three and is cuter than ever in new photos.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially now have a threenager on their hands. Poor things.

It’s Prince George’s third birthday and to celebrate the Palace have shared new photos of Prince George on the official Kensington Palace Instagram account.


Threenagers are widely reported to be far worse than the terrible twos.

American father and writer Chris Cook writes for BabyCentre: “A threenager has the same sense of entitlement and desire for independence as a teenager, but without the social maturity to sense judgment from the world around her. Where a teenager might hold back on screaming at you at the top of her lungs in Wal-Mart, a threenager will carry that scene out the door as you drag her upside down through the parking lot.”

As nice as it must be to think of our future overlord king as the perfect prince, his parents have previously been quite open about George’s tendency for cheekiness. Good to know he’s a pretty normal kid after all.


The young Royals have cultivated a huge social media presence in recent years. They use it to share photos quite often, and they regularly share photos of the children taken by the Duchess.


Earlier this week, perhaps as part of the birthday celebrations, Prince George was treated to a look around a Red Arrow during the Royal Air Force’s Air Tattoo.

Like any kid his age, Prince George appears to have a keen interest in aeroplanes and helicopters.


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In case you missed it, Prince George totally stole the show at his sister’s christening last year.