Official Christmas pictures of Prince George.

Clarence House brought out the royal iphone and tweeted some official photographs of Prince George for us all to ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ (or ‘meh’, if you’re so inclined) over right in time for Christmas.

It’s the first official photos released since July. The latest series show Prince George (and his chubby little cheeks) sitting on the steps of Kensington Palace.

We cannot handle this level of cute (it’s a nice jumper. Do you think they make it in my size? – Ed). Just take him all in:

“Why are you all so keen to look at me?”

“Oh right. It’s my knee socks, isn’t it?” 

“Heh. Watch them go nuts over this.”

He looks so clean and well-behaved that we wonder just how many shots they took to get these ones. It might be a little different if Santa was in the frame…

By April next year the prince will become a big brother. Queue Adorable Photos: Round 2.

Just because we can, let’s take a little walk down memory lane… 


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