Why Prince George won't be making a best friend at school.

There is little doubt that all the parents of students starting at Thomas’s Battersea School in London will be hoping their child is one who makes friends with Prince George.

However, if they have had ambitions of their little darling becoming besties with the third in line to the English throne they’re about to be disappointed.

You see, according to an insider who knows the school’s policies well, Thomas’s Battersea discourages children from having best friends.

That’s right, neither George nor any of his classmates will be exchanging best friend bracelets anytime soon.

One of the hosts of UK chat show Loose Women, Jane Moore, who lives near the school and has friends whose children attend, spoke about the policy that encourages inclusivity.

“No, absolutely not,” she said in response to her co-panellists enquiry about whether the children are encouraged to have best friends.

Listen: Holly, Mia and Jessie chat about the issue on the latest episode of Mamamia Out Loud:

“There’s a policy that if your child is having a party, unless every child in the class is invited you don’t give out the invites in class, which I think is quite a good thing as you don’t feel excluded.”

“There are signs everywhere saying be kind. That’s the ethos of the school. They don’t encourage you to have best friends.”

prince george first day of school
George on his very first day of school. (Image via Getty)

Moore said it was a great school that expects "parental involvement", so fellow mums and dads should expect to see a lot of Prince William and Kate.

"It's a really great little school actually for the reasons I think that it really focuses on kindness, it's a really big thing in that school and the pastoral care is amazing."

"It's a school that really expects parental involvement. The parents are very heavily involved in the school so they [Kate and William] will be as well."

Do you think the 'no best friends' policy is a good one?