"I carried a lemon with me everywhere." 21 women share the pregnancy tip they swear by.


Although there’s plenty of very thorough advice about pregnancy in the form of books, podcasts, pamphlets and checklists – a bamboozling amount, if we’re being honest – often, amongst the deluge of information, it’s the little woman-to-woman insights that cut through the most.

The things that might seem insignificant when you’re talking in trimesters and milestones, but really help with the day-to-day.

Every woman who has been through the miracle of growing a human inside her body knows what it felt like for her, and has her own unique wisdom to share about the experience, from T1 through to their baby’s first birth day.

Like when Kayla Itsines told Instagram that Fruit Tingles were the only thing that helped with her pregnancy reflux. Genius.

While we’re on the topic…here’s some things pregnant people never say. Post continue after video.

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In the interest of sharing, we asked Mamamia readers to divulge their best (and not so orthodox) pregnancy hacks and tips. What works for one person won’t work for everyone, but something in this list might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Editor’s note: the below represents the opinions of members of the Mamamia community. It is not intended to be used in place of medical advice. 


“I carried a lemon with me everywhere. Lots of smells made me really nauseous early on in my pregnancy. So when I was at work and someone ate a banana (which when not pregnant I loved) at their desk it would make me want to vomit, I’d pop my head into my handbag and sniff my lemon and I was ok.” – Claire

“Getting a mobility aid pincher claw arm from Kmart for that last trimester so you don’t have to bend down all the time to pick things up.” – Kim

“Pregnancy aqua aerobics is the best thing ever. Getting into the water feels so good. It takes all of the pressure off of your joints and is good for your circulation. Plus it’s a great place to get information as you meet so many lovely people and you’re all obviously in the same boat.” – Asten

“X2 old singlet tops – the stretchy kind. One black and one white. I cut the “chest” off them and used as a belt/extender under my tops and t-shirts so my belly wouldn’t pop out exposing my skin in the winter. Had the added bonus of a slight tummy support and I could undo my pant/jeans’ fly and button and no one was the wiser. They sell these belt things too, but my way was cheaper.” – Nathalie

“Frozen grapes. Only food I could keep down in the morning. Felt like eating ice but had enough glucose to dull the nausea and give me some energy to get my day started.” – Anika

“My husband bought some magnesium spray (a liquid version of Epsom salts) and would spray this onto my calves and massage them at night in the 2nd and 3rd trimester to help with the crazy leg cramps I got at night!” – Michelle


“Drinking chocolate milk helped my heartburn” – Erin

“For all day sickness I only ate Chicken flavour 2 minute noodles and peanut butter toast. The occasional Salada. For twenty plus weeks! Can confirm I birthed two very healthy babies who grew into two very healthy tall kids. Just eat whatever you can to get through your day.” – Alison

“The app, Peanut has been a lifesaver for me. I signed up early in Trimester 1 and found the most amazing group of women going through EXACTLY what I was. It helped the loneliness and gave us all a space to moan about our aches and pains. All 6 have had their babies now (still here waiting..!) and the information they are sharing from first-time mums as REAL lived experience rather than googling or out of date information, has been integral to my confidence and knowledge that we are a community and I have a safe non-judgemental place to ask questions or share TMI.” – Bonnie

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“I kept a pack of ginger nut biscuits on my bedside table in the first trimester. As soon as my eyes opened I’d eat one of those bad boys and they kept my nausea at bay.” – Keira

“I had PUPPPS with my first (essentially a really itchy rash that you get across your belly). The best relief that I got was a tip from my amazing midwife which was to rub Mylanta over the belly! It was the only thing that gave relief and I remember constantly wanting my partner to rub Mylanta across my belly!” – Dani

“I had terrible morning sickness… so once I’d had my morning vommy I’d suck on a Zooper Dooper in the car on the way to work, then I’d finally feel like eating once I arrived!” – Justine


“This is weird…but my underwear was so uncomfortable. So my husband had a new pack lying around and I wore a pair…OMG!! Most comfortable things ever. So for the rest of my pregnancy I wore men’s underwear.” Shara-Louise

“My mum said that Wizz Fizz was the only thing that helped her with her heartburn.” Paige

“Watered down Powerade for morning sickness. The sugar in it stops your blood sugar levels dropping but also replaces your electrolytes and hydrates.” – Danni

“A body pillow saved my sleep my second pregnancy. As soon as I bought it I would sleep all night!” – Kate

“For me the later I slept in the better my morning sickness was…so I switched my routine and went to the gym in afternoon so I could have an extra hour in the morning in bed.” – Erin

“Fruit Tingles are the best for reflux!” – Sarah-Jane

“I used my Grandma’s grip n’ grab to help pick up socks and things off the floor so I didn’t have to bend over as much in the last trimester.” – Emily

“For me the only thing that ‘helped’ with nausea was Bundaberg Ginger Beer – had to be Bundaberg.” – Arlie

“I stole about 10 pairs of those mesh panties when I left the hospital and lived in them” – Katie

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