Sophie Cachia shares the moment her postpartum pelvic floor betrayed her.

In a world full of super-stylish celebrity mums and unattainable post-baby bodies, it’s always refreshing when a woman in the public eye speaks the truth.

About their fitness routine, no-make up selfies, shapewear and… wee.

Which is exactly what the blogger behind The Young Mummy, Sophia Cachia, has done. The mum of two shared the reality of living with postpartum pelvic floor muscles in her latest Instagram post.

“This here is a picture of a beautiful baby girl, a devoted father & husband,” the caption reads.


“…and a wife who just called that devoted husband to come out the front to her rescue with two towels because she totally pissed her pants in her car. Yep. that’s right.”

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Video by MWN

There’s a lesson to be learned here, fellow mums. “A full bottle of water, a 4-month-postpartum pelvic floor, and a freeway standstill with traffic is NEVER a good combo,” Cachia continues.

And in case you were wondering, her accident wasn’t a “dribble”. Quite the opposite.

“Nope. It appears when you’re so desperately holding on and you finally crack, the floodgates open and they cannot be shut. I truly never thought this would happen to me.”

She’s definitely not the only one it’s happened to.

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Have you ever had an embarrassing pelvic floor slip-up?