Channel Ten's replacement for Family Feud is here. And viewers are deeply divided.

On Monday night, Channel Ten debuted Pointless, their much-hyped replacement for Family Feud.

But the serieswhich is based on the popular UK quiz show, seems to have lost a bit of its magic during the translation to the Aussie version, leaving viewers divided on their feedback.

Pointless is Channel Ten’s new quiz show.

While some fans who tuned in loved it, many said it felt rushed. They believed there wasn’t enough chemistry between the two hosts, TV personality Dr Andrew Rochford and comedian Mark Humphries.

Some also thought the questions were too easy and that there wasn’t any banter between the hosts and the contestants.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:




Even Mark Humphries thought the show might be the target of a backlash. He posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon, telling potential critics to have “fun sh**ting on it”.


However, there were some people who loved it:


Mamamia has reached out to Channel Ten for comment.

Pointless airs at 6pm weeknights on Channel Ten.

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