SNEAK PEEK: The Binge. The US Bachelor & UnREAL.

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26 Jan 2016 · 41 minutes

SNEAK PEEK: The Binge. The US Bachelor & UnREAL.
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Mamamia's TV podcast is coming soon, and we're warming up with Rosie coming face-to-face with a woman she once branded a 'crazy cat lady' in print. Yes, it's a Bachelor reunion as Rosie, SJ and Penny Palman, an original contestant on The Bachelor, examine the American version of everyone's favourite cheesy dating show. Also, just how real is the dating-show TV parody UnREAL? Penny takes a deep dive into what REALLY happens backstage on The Bach, and what UnREAL gets right and wrong. 

Show Notes

Your hosts are Rosie Waterland and Sarah Jane Collins.

With thanks to Penny Palman.

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