Pitch Perfect 3: Ciao, Bellas

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01 Jan 2018 · 32 minutes

Pitch Perfect 3: Ciao, Bellas
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Listen up, Pitches. It’s time to say goodbye to our beloved Barden Bellas. But not before our favourite singing, dancing, pun-making franchise turns into an action flick!

We had a lot of questions going in to Pitch Perfect 3. Can Ruby Rose actually sing? Will our most shipped couple Beclo ever get together? Can Rebel Wilson do action beyond horizontal running? And on a more serious note, do these movies have a problem with racism and stereotyping?

Join Laura and Clare as they break down the best moments and share what happened when they attended the world premiere and spoke to Ruby, Rebel and Anna Camp. 


Your hosts today were Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens 

Pitch Perfect 3 is in cinemas now

You can read Laura's post about Ruby Rose's pranks here

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