Ruby Rose low-key tortured her Pitch Perfect cast mates while in Australia.

It’s a long and proud Aussie tradition that when visitors cross the seas to visit our shores, we like to mess with them just a little bit.

Usually, we like to make up lavish stories about the local flora and fauna to frighten their socks off (are you even a real Aussie if you don’t tell your international guests a few terrifying stories about Drop Bears?) but this time around, actress and musician Ruby Rose has taken our beloved game in a different direction.

While on a whirlwind Australian press trip with her American Pitch Perfect 3 cast mates Anna Camp and Brittany Snow, Ruby and fellow Australian actress and Pitch Perfect 3 star Rebel Wilson, decided to liven up the intense interview circuit with a few ongoing jokes.

During the world premiere of Pitch Perfect 3 in Sydney, the 31-year-old star told Mamamia Entertainment Editor and host of The Binge podcast Laura Brodnik that Anna and Brittany had been a little floored after finding out about the existence of chicken flavored chips while backstage at the recent ARIA Awards.

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Then, there was something else they didn’t quite understand.

“My favourite part of showing them around is that Brittany and Anna have been asked to say the word ‘Hoyts’ a lot, Ruby said. “Because obviously the premiere is here at the Hoyts Cinema and they thought ‘Hoyts’ meant something completely different, like saying ‘you look Hoyts good!’.

“They thought if someone asked them how they were going they could say ‘I’m having a Hoyts day!’. They thought it was like saying ‘on fleek’ or something. I didn’t want to tell them the truth…


“But then I did end up explaining that it was actually a cinema and they were like ‘oh no, we’ve been using it wrong this whole time!’.”

But that wasn’t the only joke Ruby and Rebel played on their poor American cast mates before they took to the ARIA Awards stage to present the Best International Act award to Harry Styles.

Pitch Perfect cast mates Ruby Rose Australia
The Pitch Perfect 3 cast the the Australian Premiere. Image via Getty.

"We went to the ARIA Awards and Paul Kelly was doing an amazing performance and we were going on right after," said Ruby. "I nudged Anna and Brittany and went 'so, ah, he won Australian Idol this year' and they literally went 'oh, really? The first one?'.


"And I said 'no, he won this year', and they said 'oh, he’s doing really well then.'

"Then Rebel got involved with the joke and we had them completely convinced of this... then we decided we just had to tell them that he is actually a massive star."

The cast appeared to have a fun time making the third film in the Pitch Perfect franchise.

When the cast stood before the audience to introduce the film at the Sydney premiere, Rose and the other actresses joked that they'd been "awful" to the new lady on set, but on the red carpet she told a different story.

"It wasn’t actually that hard to join in on the third of three films because I literally did that with Orange is the New Black," she said. "I literally joined that show in the third season so it was a little nostalgic in that regard. I already knew (co-star and producer) Elizabeth Banks and I love Rebel Wilson. I kinda knew in my gut that being such a female driven film they would all open their arms and be welcoming, and they really were."

In Pitch Perfect 3 Ruby Rose plays Calamity, the lead singer of a band called Ever Moist which is placed against the Bellas as they all perform in an overseas United Services Organisation concert tour.

Pitch Perfect 3 will open in cinemas Australia wide on New Year's Day 2018.

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