Here Come The Habibs & Girls

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15 Feb 2016 · 45 minutes

Here Come The Habibs & Girls
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It's the new Aussie show that pissed a lot of people off before it even aired. What's the verdict on Here Come The Habibs?
And then - it’s back: the season five premiere of Lena Dunham’s GIRLS. There's big news on the horizon for the show, and we’ll be deep-diving into the series so far.
PLUS, SJ and Rosie give their recommendations for the shows you should absolutely be watching right now because they say so and TV is their life so you should totes listen to them.

Show Notes

Your hosts are

Rosie Waterland, Sarah Jane Collins with thanks to Amne Alrifi from Unveiled Thought

Rosie loved Chelsea Handler's new show, Chelsea Does, on Netflix

And SJ thinks you should watch Jane The Virgin, also on Netflix

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This show was produced by Holly Wainwright and Monique Bowley for the Mamamia Women's Network.


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