First Dates: The Reality of Reality Romance....

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29 Feb 2016 · 41 minutes

First Dates: The Reality of Reality Romance....
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It's the new dating show that everyone’s talking about. We tracked down the breakout star, long-haired makeup fiend Stephanie, to divulge all the behind-the-scenes goss about what really goes on during that dinner date. What do the producers tell them to do? Can they see the cameras everywhere? and who are all the other diners in that restaurant?

Plus, the dangerous message that I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is sending, we say goodbye to the show that started our love affair with Osher Gunsberg, and the cult movie that's making a return to the small screen. Hint: Cruel Intentions. Ok, that was a crap hint. Spoiler alert: It's Cruel Intentions! 

Show notes:

Your hosts are

Rosie Waterland, with  Laura Brodnick and big thanks to Stephanie from First Dates who is a babe and our spirit animal girl crush.

If you haven't watched First Dates, what are you even doing with your life. RUN.


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This show was produced by Monique Bowley and Holly Wainwright for the Mamamia Women's Network.

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