Bach Chat: 14 Shirtless Men And 3 Alpacas

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18 Oct 2018 · 18 minutes

Bach Chat: 14 Shirtless Men And 3 Alpacas
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To keep up to date with Ali and all the best Bachelorette 2018 news, cast and roses, check out our Bachelorette Hub. It's a blast!

It's been a week filled with more of Ivan's dancing, Ali's pashing and of course Osher's weird games.

There was a non consensual kiss and an auction of emotions all of which left Nathan getting booted and us having to say goodbye to Wes' beautiful face...

Clare and Jessie Stephens are here to guide you through to all things Bachelorette...

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Hosts: Jessie Stephens & Clare Stephens

Producer: Rachael Hart


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