How Are You Doing? A Check In With Libby Trickett

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How Are You Doing? A Check In With Libby Trickett

Hey, it's Mia and I am dropping into your feed with a new series of mini-episodes of No Filter called How Are You Doing? - a special spin-off series of No Filter where I call someone to find out how they are doing in this strange new world we’re all living in. And what they're distracting themselves with!

Today, I’m Skyping with Libby Trickett - the former Olympic Swimming Golden Girl with the best smile in Australia.

You can listen to my No Filter interview with Libby here and read an extra from her book Beneath The Surface here.


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TV: NBC's Parks and Recreation (streaming on Stan)

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Libby's autobiography: Beneath The Surface 

No Filter With Libby Trickett 


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Guest: Libby Trickett 

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