Gabbie Stroud Has A Few Things She Wants School Parents To Know

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Gabbie Stroud Has A Few Things She Wants School Parents To Know

Here are some things worth knowing about school life: 

Teachers aren't on call for parents 24/7... and under no circumstances should a parent ever follow a teacher home from school to talk about their child. Seriously. That happens.

Gabbie left teaching a few years ago and did odd jobs like cleaning while she wrote her first book, the best-selling 'Teacher'. 

She's back now with a new book, 'Dear Parents', a sometimes uncomfortable look at how easy it is for parents to cross boundaries with teachers.

In this episode, she joins Mia Freedman to talk about how parents can negotiate that relationship with the other adult in their children's lives... the teacher. 

It's Gabbie's second time on No Filter, check out her first visit here:

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