Why I Didn’t Like Your Instagram Post

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Why I Didn’t Like Your Instagram Post

What’s the social etiquette when it comes to “liking” a post on social media. Is it okay to bring up a post in real life if you don't interact with it digitally? 

And the enormous loss of Aiia Maasarwi was felt all around the nation. This week, the details of her murder were released after a judge removed the suppression order preventing their distribution. That has raised the question, what purpose do the details serve? And what responsibility do we have to know them?

Plus, is it problematic to tell a woman she has a “big personality”? One listener was described as such in a job interview and she has no idea how to feel about it. 

If any of the discussions from this episode have raised any concerns for you in particular the discussion of the case of Aiia Maasarwi please reach out to 1800 RESPECT or call Lifeline on 13 11 14


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