What Not To Wear To A Fancy Dress Party

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What Not To Wear To A Fancy Dress Party

No prizes for guessing the answer. We have the definitive guide to Blackface, and what else you shouldn't wear to fancy dress parties. Are we discriminatory towards cockroaches? And should dogs have equal rights in public? Why schools should dump gendered uniforms and let everyone run around in pants. And when it is too late to do an entire career switch? 

Show Notes:

Your hosts are

Monique BowleyMia Freedman and Kate De Brito

Mia recommends Love, on Netflix 

Kate De Brito says this piece by Jia Tolentino about Kesha's lawsuit was excellent.

She also can't stop laughing at Hamish And Andy's Parent Fantasy Hotline

Monique recommends Black Comedy on ABC. And singing your arguments. Try it. I DARE YOU to try it. (and then send me the audio to [email protected])


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