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We call bullshit on everything

Parenting is easy. All pregnant bodies are beautiful. You can eat chocolate cake for breakfast and still lose weight. And this federal budget was definitely not a strategic pre-election sweetener. Welcome to Mamamia Outloud: the podcast that calls out bullshit. Today, why Struggle Street is the most important TV show of the year. Why the budget lockup is like the Hunger Games.  We meet a meditating mother, and ask Masterchef to stop messing with the classics. Finally, we say goodbye to one of the founding members of the podcast team. Sniff.

Show notes

Warning: we use the F word in this episode. 

Rosie writes on Struggle Street

Her piece on Thirty Seconds

The way you sleep says things about your personality, apparently

The time of day you are the horniest. 

Chanting while you exercise. CHANTING. Not Chatting.

What to do if you stuff your fake tan


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