The Men Who Don't Know How To Have Sex

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The Men Who Don't Know How To Have Sex

The sexual assault trial against former rugby league star Jaryd Hayne and the rape trial against Jack De Belin are back in the spotlight as their court cases continue. While their guilt is for a judge to decide, there are some undisputed details emerging from these cases that are worth a closer look. Off the back of a powerful article by Jessie, the Outlouders discuss the porn pandemic and where it goes wrong for these men and so many sports stars like them.

Plus, we’re talking about The Crown again. But this time, not about royalty. This season of the show features a woman almost as famous as Princess Diana but much less adored - Margaret Thatcher. 

And, are women over forty making mistakes with make-up? A Mamamia piece that went viral over the weekend says yes. 


Recommendations: Be an influencer in your own home with a ring light Mia is recommending for Christmas Zoom calls. Read Jessie's piece on Jack De Belin and Jaryd Hayne here. For the article Holly mentioned on beauty mistakes, click here

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