A celebrity makeup artist on the 5 beauty mistakes women over 40 make.

Life in your 40s is the jam. You're no longer battling the insecurities you did in your 20s and 30s, and you've finally reached a place where you feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Go you!

And while your skincare routine has probably changed for the better (Serums! Eye creams! SPF!), more often than not you'll still be rocking the same makeup routine as you did years ago (give or take a few products).

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The thing is, though - your skin changes in your 40s. A lot. 

You'll start to notice things like lines and wrinkles around your mouth, forehead and eyes, maybe some pigmentation, dryness and all that other fun stuff. 

This means that makeup starts to sit differently on our faces. 

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We know, we know - upgrading your products and making adjustments to your usual routine is easier said than done. Like, where do you even start with something like that? 


Because we're not professionals, we asked a celebrity makeup artist for a few tricks that'll instantly up your game.

1. You're using the wrong shade of... everything.

"I see a lot of incorrect shade choices," said celebrity makeup legend Michael Brown. "We often want a natural fresh look as we age, but some tones that you use in your 20s and even 30s, like browns and nudes, just aren’t as flattering in our 40s."

Don't make that face. We love browns and nudes just as much as you do.

"My advice would be to lift everything. If you use a cream and brown eye palette, add some peach or a warmer hint of colour, than say a standard caramel or chocolate brown which can appear flat," advises Brown.

Want another sneaky tip? Brown said a touch of blush on the centre of the eyelid works a treat, making the eyes appear brighter and more lifted.

And this rule doesn't just go for eyes, friends.

"This also works with lip shades. Deeper tones can thin out lips and full nude tones might wash you out. Instead, go for a fresher colour - once again like a peach, or brick-style pink to bring colour to the face."

2. You skimp on skin prep.

Dull and cakey makeup sucks. But the thing is - your makeup game is only as good as your skin game. After all, you can't expect your poor old makeup to do ALL the work for you.

Making sure your skin feels moisturised and hydrated is key to achieving good makeup. Not only will you find that you can use less makeup, but you'll also find that what you do use will blend more seamlessly on your skin - because it's all plump and moisturised.


One way to do this is to incorporate a nourishing facial oil into your routine.

"Use a face oil at night to maximise hydration and nourishment while you sleep. In the morning, dab a couple of drops on your cheekbones only, as this is where light reflects the most and where we can see ageing - this will make your foundation sit perfectly, add glow and overall give a more translucent makeup look."

*Bookmarks amazing foundation tip*.

3. Your day cream is too heavy.

We know we just told you to up your skincare game, but just be wary of what moisturiser you're using.

"For under makeup I recommend sticking to lighter textures that are fast-absorbing and plump skin instantly. Keep rich creams for night-time use when they have more time to absorb slowly while you sleep," said Brown.

Got it!

4. You still wear the same kinda foundation.

You do, though. And it's important if you're like us and your skin eats your makeup.

"I love a light dewy liquid, but unfortunately they move so much as they aren’t dense or weighted enough to stay put. Especially with long-wear foundation," said Brown.

So, what gives?

"As we start to show more expression lines and our skin is a little more on the dry side, it’s important to opt for a cream texture foundation," said Brown. 

"This will give coverage needed, but can still be buffed out to appear natural. The difference is that it’s slightly dense in product weight, so it won’t slip and slide into any wrinkles as much as a super lightweight dewy finish foundation."


So, yeah. Stay away from those powdery or dewy formulas.

5. You always stick to the same look.

Don't be boring with your makeup. Switch it up! Have fun! 

Ugh. But how? We hear you groan. 

Alright, this may sound terrifying, but um... Brown said you should totally try metallic eyeshadow. No, really. 

It won't make you look 'old'. We promise.

"I like to play on light metallic shades to suit a fashion look, eye colour (always go opposite), or an occasion on the very centre of the eyelid. Adding this small bright pop of colour that has a built-in reflect is a game-changer. It'll add a big difference to your general eye makeup," said Brown.

Wa-wa-wait! We're not talking full-on glitter, you silly salmon. 

Think creamy eyeshadow pots with sheer washes of gold, pewter or bronze. Something like Revlon ColorStay Cream Eyeshadow, $7.47 or Chanel Longwear Cream Eyeshadow, $52 if you wanna get all fancy on us.

And don't go too crazy - make sure you stop at the crease to keep the look non-80s-like. "A little goes a long way," said Brown. Told you.

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Do you have any tips to add? Share with us in the comment section below. Also, we love your hair like that.

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