Influencers In The Wild

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23 Jan 2020 · 44 minutes

Influencers In The Wild
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Ladies and Gents, Pete Evans is back and he's feeling vindicated after finding a single study that supports (not really if you read the whole thing) some of his bogus beliefs about sunscreen. So, should he think more carefully about what he posts when he's a person of influence?  

And speaking of influence, an Instagram account has blown up this week that shows exactly what it looks like behind the feed of influencers.  So is it funny or creepy?

And, Rachel Corbett has been roped into writing a monthly newsletter, dishing out advice so she gets some practice in by trying to solve a listeners dilemma about changing careers later in life.

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Hosts: Mia Freedman, Rachel Corbett and Jessie Stephens

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