Help. I Think I Might Be A Thief

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Help. I Think I Might Be A Thief

Is it okay to take food from the hotel buffet for breakfast, lunch AND dinner? Asking for a friend. Or actually, a listener whose husband thinks she’s a thief. 

Also. Is Cancel Culture real? Mia read a piece from The New Republic titled The Cancel Culture Con about celebrities coming back from “cancellation” which really riled her up. Because the likes of Taylor Swift, Anziz Ansari and Louis C.K might be back on our screens - or in our ears - but are they really unscathed? 

Plus, do you love being seen to use your Keep Cup even more than you love using your Keep Cup for the planet? As an avid reusable straw lover, Jessie discusses whether or not her efforts to live a more earth-friendly life are a form of virtue signalling.

Mia: Books by Sally Rooney - Conversations With Friends, Normal People - and Jia Tolentino - Trick Mirror: Reflections On Self-Delusion
Holly: Movie Someone Great on Netflix
Jessie: Mr and Mrs Jones Reusable Gifts  

The Quicky Episodes: ”What No One Tells You About The Pill And Men” and “Finally There’s A Solution For Sharing The Mental Load 

This episode of Mamamia Out loud  is brought to you by Sukin, Australia’s favourite natural skincare brand.


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