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Move Over Marie Kondo

Swedish death cleaning is a thing. And it’s something that can be done BEFORE you die. So why isn’t everyone jumping on board

If your girlfriend masturbates after sex there’s a chance you're not getting her off. At least that’s what Rach, Mia and Jessie think as they share their thoughts on a sex column that went viral this week.

And did you know how science says you can’t trick yourself into becoming a morning person? It seems Jessie was right all along...


Hosts: Rachel Corbett, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

With thanks to Modi Bodi.

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Jessie on why mornings are the worse:

Want to know more about Marie Kondo? Find out here:


Mia: The Daily Podcast by the New York Time and Sparkly shoes from witchery

Jessie: Sub Reddit Thread called Today I Learned

Rach: Business Wars Podcast


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