Some Unexpected Coronavirus Dilemmas

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17 Mar 2020 · 39 minutes

Some Unexpected Coronavirus Dilemmas
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Generational divides are becoming ever more apparent in these times! Jessie’s dad can do a plank for 10 minutes so should he worry about getting the ‘rona? We discuss.

We’re also introducing a new segment called: Lockdown Dilemmas. Today’s one is:  if we go into full-bone lockdown, who would you want to get stuck with? And on the flipside, who would absolutely do your head in?

Plus, podcasts, books, instagram accounts. We’re going to be talking about what’s bringing us joy during these tough times.


Mia- Architectural Digest Magazine’s You Tube channel…

Jessie- Any Ordinary Day book by Leigh Sales…

And, Tick Tock…

And, Coronacast Podcast by the ABC…

And, The Daily Podcast by the New York Times…

And, The Quicky Podcast…

Holly- Mark Maron’s the End Times Fun Netflix Special…


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Producer: Lem Zakharia and Luca Lavigne 


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