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Traditional news was designed by men for men but here at The Quicky, we’re flipping that on its head, and making news with women in mind.

It’s what women are talking about today. Interesting stories. Intelligent conversation. Minus the shock and horror.

The Quicky is Mamamia's daily podcast that gets you up to speed on the top stories, then dives deeper on one topic you want to know more about. It’s a show that helps you cut through the noise and tells you exactly what you need to know today.

Think of our host, Claire Murphy as your personal news PA. Wading through the Brexits and by-elections, the red carpets and royal rules, the politics and the pop culture so you don’t have to.

And you know what, we’re not going to make you wait until ‘the top of the hour’ to hear it because it’s on demand. One podcast. Once a day. Whenever you want to listen.

The Quicky is the easiest and most enjoyable way to get across the news every day. And it’s delivered straight to your ears in a daily podcast so you can listen whenever you want, wherever you are...at the gym, on the train, in the playground or at night while you're making dinner.

The Quicky. Getting you up to speed. Daily.