Are You An Introvert Or Just Lazy?

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Are You An Introvert Or Just Lazy?

We debate, discuss and dissect everything from the sex lives of millennials to whether or not you should confront someone who told you they were having a birthday dinner but then never sent you an invite.  HOW RUDE!

Rihanna has come out as a #ShyGirl in a recent interview, which has us wondering whether there’s a difference between shyness and introversion.  And whether one of them is just a cover for laziness.

Plus, it’s all over the news that millennials are NOT having less sex and that maybe we’ve been fooled by bad data.  So why are Gen Y fooling around less often? Holly has some passionate words for those who aren’t regularly getting busy between the sheets.

And in group therapy we help out a listener who doesn’t know what to do about her close friend not inviting her to her birthday dinner.

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