Adriene Mishler: The Patron Saint of Isolation

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Adriene Mishler: The Patron Saint of Isolation

Women are OBSESSED with Yoga instructor Adriene Mishler and so are we. But now we’ve all semi-mastered at-home workouts, will we ever go back to the gym? What habits will stick and how difficult will some be to let go of once iso’s over?

Also, women have been getting pubic hair transplants. Yes, that’s right and a scene from Stan’s Normal People showing a character’s pubic hair could be a sign of a new pube trend. So, can fashion find its way into our underpants? Let’s talk iso pubes.

Plus, is it possible for a workaholic to change? We unpack an anonymous listener dilemma.

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Amy Clark’s article on pubic hair…

Mia and Jessie’s Virtual Knockoff on Facebook…


Holly- The Shop My Stash segment on You Beauty…

Mia- Normal People on Stan…

Jessie- A deep stretch by Adriene Mishler…


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