"Plus size" model responds to that Beach Body campaign.


Earlier this week, UK company Protein World released a not-at-all-surprising, but nevertheless disappointing campaign asking women if they were “beach body ready”.

The campaign was widely criticised by women around the world for what they said was body shaming.

Now, an online swimwear retailer has responded in a far less icky and much more inclusive way — by asking: “are you ready for THIS beach body?”


Swim Suits For All have released its own version of the tiresome, sexist advertisement — a version that acknowledges the shocking reality that in order to have a “Beach Body,” all you ACTUALLY have to do is have a body, and take it to the beach.

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The image, which was posted on Instagram, features plus-sized model Ashley Graham looking stunning, posing in a sexy, black bikini.

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The original, controversial campaign sparked the hashtag #EachBodyIsReady, where women from around the world posted images of their perfectly lovely human bodies, rejecting Protein World’s idea that they would need to change it in anyway in order to wear a bathing suit in public.

Each body is ready.

Over 40,000 people signed a petition at to get Protein World’s ad removed, and are now showing their support for Swim Suits For All on social media, calling the image “powerful.”

“Best response I’ve seen yet!” said another follower.

Yes, we are ready for this beach body. This beach body and every beach body.

What do you think about Swim Suits For All’s response to the campaign?