16 of the best body positive fashion blogs you need to follow.

Anyone who thinks that only certain body types can be fashionable needs to give themselves a firm scolding cos’ that just ain’t the case. It’s 2017 (almost 2018) and never before have we celebrated diversity in fashion and beauty more.

Women of all different shapes, skin colours, races, religions, sexual preferences, and foot size are being heralded as our fashion icons – and this makes us bloody happy.

Listen: We all do it. Just admit it.

So if you love seeing diversity in your newsfeed, you need to start following these babes ASAP!

Hayley Hughes

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I LOVE colour but I really don’t wear it enough, so I adore it when I see fashionistas rocking dem bold hues. Hayley is an Australian stylist, blogger and columnist, who spends her time discovering and documenting (on her terrific blog) the unique fashion culture of the cities she resides in. Follow her adventure on Insta too and check out her love of all things eye-catching!

Chastity Garner Valentine


For a blog that oozes an electric kaleidoscope of colours, look no further than Garner Style, a blog suited to the bold lass in all of us. Her Insta feed isn’t exactly dull either, with a balanced mix of conversations starters, fashion and lifestyle pics.

Franceta Johnson

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This Canadian beauty has an Instagram to die for and her blog is equally visually appealing, with the added bonus of having bomb-ass content. She writes unfiltered opinions on style and body image with an array of topics that will appeal to every lass.


Nadia Aboulhosn

Best known for designing ranges for; Nadia is an American designer, blogger, and model who dips her talented toes into a range of projects. Her blog features an array of models of all different sizes and ethnicities, which is exactly what we need to see more of. Follow her on Insta here.


Chanté B

Living her life with the rule that ‘weight should not hinder one’s ability to travel, dress well nor stop them from enjoying life’ – Chanté’s emotive blog and Insta influence women all over the world to be healthy, confident, and chic.

Tanesha Awasthi


Tanesha is the face and voice behind GIRL WITH CURVES, a multi-media, award-winning platform made possible by people who believe women deserve to look and feel beautiful, regardless of weight, shape or size. I am obsessed with her style and the way she seems to so effortlessly pair things together, as seen on her Instagram.

Callie Thorpe

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Five years ago, Callie (a sassy welsh chick with two cats so I obviously love her) started blogging about her diet attempts on the web, which actually only made her feel like absolute shite. So she decided to use the platform as an aspiring, fashion obsessed lifestyle space where she can chat to women about everything from body image to delicious recipes. Follow her on Insta.

Ragini R

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This plus-sized blogger loves all things vintage and her style (as seen in her stunning feed) embodies a moody melange of fashion through the decades. A beautiful writer, Ragini blogs regularly about fashion and wearing whatever you bloody well want to, while other lifestyle topics will occasionally make an appearance, keeping her content fresh and relevant.

Georgina Horne


This UK-based beauty looks like she’s stepped straight from a vintage pin-up calendar with her ample bust, gorgeous curves, thick red hair, and perfect winged eyeliner. Both her blog and Instagram boast a STUNNING collection of dresses made in classic designs to perfectly flatter her curves. She also gives a lot of advice on dressing for bigger busts which I really appreciate as I often have no idea!

Meagan Kerr

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Following this NZ born beauty on Instagram is like a warm hug of sunshine as her positivity radiates from her feed. Her blog helps her readers discover amazing plus size designers and she translates trends seen on runways overseas and at NZFW into curvy girl fabulousness!

Georgina Grogan


This UK-based blogger writes about everything from plus-sized fashion and beauty; to lifestyle and travel. She’s won a bunch of awards and posts on the reg, which keeps her dedicated fans happy and engaged. Follow her on Insta here.



I do love strong Aussie women and this blogger is so inspiring as she’s reaching such an international audience with her fierce fashion (check her out on Instagram) and general smarts.

Louise O’Reilly

A model who strongly promotes diversity in fashion and is a well-known body image activist, both Louise’s Instagram and blog are brimming with gorgeous imagery, phenom fashion choices, and general lifestyle stuff – there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy!


Jenni Eyles

Five years ago, Jenni kicked cancer’s butt and has been living a life filled with no regrets ever since. Her searingly honest writing forces positivity and her unapologetic view of being a confident feminist who still happens to like dressing up are bloody fantastic. Follow her on Insta here.


Hayet Rida

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Whenever I think of Chicago, I think of the bleak streets represented in the cult TV show, Shameless. Yes, it’s just a TV show but that’s their power. Hayet’s fruity and bright Instagram account is anything but bleak, with her outfit choices generally erring of the side of utter fabulousness. Her blog contains beautifully shot high-res images of detailing on her outfits that would be missed on other social platforms.

Triena Deniese

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Triena Deniese blends everyday life, style, and beauty; providing beauty and style tips, life inspiration, and a glimpse into life as a young woman on the rise in a daring market. She’s a southern belle so we’re super excited that she’s starting a YT account (as well as Instagram and her blog obvs) soon so we can just listen to her delicious voice!

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