The 6 best places to go running in Melbourne.

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1. Albert Park Lake.

Arguably the best running track in Melbourne. Albert Park is a mostly flat surface wrapped around a rather sizeable lake. There are 500m signs dotted around the track which makes it easy to know how far you’ve run. (And also have long you have to go…)

The only downside is that it can get a little windy.

Distance: 4.69km. 

Post-run coffee: Mart 130 on Canterbury Road.

2. Abbotsford Covent.

A lot of Melburnians don't even know that you can run around the gardens of the Abbotsford Convent. It's a great run for people who don't like to stick to the same route. Start running and just see where you end up. And stop at the Collingwood Childen's Farm if you need a break to feed the chooks.

Distance: Varied.

Parking: Yes.

Post-run coffee: The Convent Bakery

3. The beach.

Pick a spot and just start running. Try Sandringham to Brighton Beach, Mentone to Beaumaris or St Kilda to Port Melbourne. The possibilities are endless. You can run (or walk!) for uninterrupted kilometres and hours at a time.

Distrance: Varied.

Parking: Yes. (But you might need to buy a ticket depending on where you start...)

Post-run coffee: Middle Brighton Baths at Brighton Beach.


4. The Tan.

Run The Tan - which is also known as the run around the Kings' Domain and Royal Botanic Gardens - and you'll catch glimpses of the city, the Shrine of Remembrance and the Yarra River. Most people run this track clockwise, we recommend going anti-clockwise - there's less of a hill to climb and it's much better for people watching.

Distance: 3.82km

Parking: Yes.

Post-run coffee: The Botanical on Domain Road.

Fun Fact: There's a dispute going about why The Tan is called The Tan. Some people say it's because of the colour of the gravel. Others say it's because the track curves around the Bo-TAN-ic Gardens.

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5. Princes Park.

A great beginner track. It's super flat, not too far and is located just north of the city. It's well night if jogging after hours is your thing and there are 500m makers along the route so you can mark your progress (even if you don't have one of those fancy running apps).


Parking: Yes.

Post-run coffee: Small Victories on Rathdowne Street.

6. The Dandenongs.

Depending on where you live, the Dandenongs could take you some time to get to. But once you're there... OH BOY. There are a number of runs to chose from - including the 1000 Steps Run. You'll struggle to find anywhere to run in The Dandenongs that doesn't have an incline. But think of your calf muscles.

Distance: Varied.

Parking: Lots

Post-run coffee: Cafe de Beaumarchais

Live in Melbourne? Where are you favourite places to run? Live in another city? Tell us where you like to run and we'll add it to your city's post.