FACT CHECK: Is it better to eat pizza for breakfast than cereal? A nutritionist answers.

A nutritionist is making headlines around the world for claiming pizza – in all its cheesy glory – is a healthier breakfast choice than cereal.

Now don’t get us wrong, cold pizza from the night before should be considered a delicacy. Especially if you’re feeling a bit…dusty.

But every morning? Can’t say we’ve considered it.

So now, we are most definitely listening.

While on the topic of pizza…we must bring your attention back momentarily to this important debate. Post continues after video.

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New York based nutritionist Chelsey Amer cites the high sugar content of most cereals as the reason behind her claim – she also says the two foods have the same amount of calories, but pizza has more protein, making it a better choice.

“A slice of pizza contains more fat and much less sugar than most cold cereal, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash,” Amer told The Daily Meal.

While we would like to take this glorious claim – run with it – and munch on breakfast pizza for the rest of eternity, we needed a second opinion.

Unfortunately, leading Australian dietitian Susie Burrell has brought us crashing back down to reality.

“It’s like comparing an elephant to a lion,” she told Mamamia.

“Not only are they completely different things – they are consumed in a completely different context,” she said.


Susie makes the point that cereal is something consumed daily, it forms the baseline of your diet. Pizza on the other hand for the most part, is an occasional indulgence.

“Cereal in its rawest form; rolled oats, or plain muesli, is really healthy. I guess the issue comes when the cereal grains are overly processed which is the case with any of the kid-type cereals. The grain is processed so far down the nutritional value is no longer there,” said Burrell.

“In their worst form – cereal and pizza – they both don’t offer a lot nutritionally,” she said.

“Pizza is a deep-fried product though. It can be really high in fats and carbohydrates, unless you’re look at a ‘healthy’ pizza on a vegetable or thin crust with lots of vegetables on top.

“Even at its worst cereal is relatively low in calories,” said Burrell.

A slice of pizza can be upwards of 500/600 calories, while a bowl of cereal maxes out at more of the 200-calorie mark.

“Yeah, pizza has more protein, but it has more calories, fat and sodium,” is Burrell’s point.

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Because cereal is an everyday food, Burrell said going for “gold standard” is advised.

She recommends; Jordans no-sugar range, Carmans or Be Natural by Kelloggs, topped with a protein like milk or yoghurt, and some fresh fruit to make it a nutritionally balanced meal.

Pizza on the other hand, isn’t meant to be a baseline food so enjoy it occasionally as it is – cheesy, oily and delicious.

Damn it. We thought we were on to something.