Warning: This instagram account will offend anyone with a mortgage. Or a conscience.

(Photo: Facebook/The Rich Kids of Snapchat)







They drive around in luxury cars and use 50-euro notes as toilet paper.

Their daily life struggles include choosing between eight different brands of luxury watch and having to employ a maid to clean their enormous mansions.

No, they’re not oil barons or A-list Hollywood celebrities. They’re just teenagers of filthy-rich families, who document their daily life on a series of social media accounts — and the results make for some pretty unbelievable viewing.

Mamamia has previously reported on the teenagers behind the images, known as the ‘Rich Kids of Snapchat’, but now their photos are being collated by new social media pages, and the photos are more plentiful and eye-waterfingly expensive-looking than ever.

A Twitter account called FilthyRichSnap with 300,000 followers has collated the posts of the rich teenagers, as has the Rich Kids of Snapchat Facebook page, which now has more than 194,000 likes.

Most of the posts follow a familiar formula: they involve giant magnums of champagne, fast cars, and private planes, paired with a tongue-in-cheek humble-brag, as reports.

It’s the same formula used by the social media pages collating photos by the Rich Kids of Instagram, which was so phenomenally successful, it’s now been made into a TV show. (You can see some of those images here:)

That series was so successful that it sparked spin-offs, like the Rich Kids of Morocca and the Rich Kids of Tehran, whose photos you can peruse right here: