Farrah Abraham posts pictures of her daughter in swimwear and full makeup.

Parenting, social media, and reality TV star Farrah Abraham are an interesting combination.

The television personality caused outcry in 2013 when she plucked the eyebrows of her then three-year old daughter, Sophia.

She’s been slammed on Snapchat, for posting a picture of Sophia sliding down a playground pole. And, now, she’s receiving hate for sharing modelling images of her daughter – aged seven – in swimwear and full makeup on Instagram. 

“Happy #sunday @rlsmodelsphotography God gave me an extraordinary young lady @sophialabraham I’m so blessed — excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophias life journey #blessed #beauty #photography,” one caption from the 16 and Pregnant star read.

(This was the television show on which Sophia was born. Yes, television show. The little lady is no doubt used to the spotlight.)


Abraham’s been accused of ‘objectifying’ her daughter. ‘Pimping’ her child out. Contributing to the sexualisation of children. And putting her daughter at risk of the “perverts” who pray on young children. Some of the comments read:

This is so gross. She’s a CHILD and has no reason to be wearing makeup at all, or posing like this. Poor thing is going to have so many issues as she gets older.

A child her age doesn’t need that much makeup. Let her be a little girl.


Farrah, for the love of god grow a brain. There are sick men out there who are just waiting for you to post something like this. Think about your little girl instead of money for once in your damn life.


There are also those who aren’t so outraged. Defending the shoot, the makeup and complimenting the child’s looks.

OMG people leave her alone u guys ain’t raising her child…

Shes a beautiful little girl!

Whatever your thoughts on the seven-year-old-swimwear model, and her controversy-fuelling mother, there’re a few things we can agree on.

First off: Eye makeup and eyebrows are difficult to keep fresh at any age. Let alone for someone still in primary school. (Especially if they have difficulty drawing between the lines).

The longer a girl can last without makeup, the freer she’ll be.

And the pose? She’s seven, not a Victoria’s Secret model. Let’s save the hip-thrusting for girls past puberty.

Confidence in a woman’s body can be awfully difficult to realise… but confidence in a girl’s body should be inherent. It should be about the delight of a body’s physicality. How it can run, walk, play soccer, dance jazz. Not how it looks in a swimsuit. Not how it poses like a woman. Not how many likes it receives on Instagram. 

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