Shock horror: Pete Evans has the full support of his wife when it comes to fluoride.

It seems celebrity chef Pete Evans has found his perfect match in wife Nicola Robinson, whose latest comments clearly show she shares her husband’s passion for alternative science.

Writing on Instagram on the weekend, the 38-year-old promoted the benefits of a process called tooth remineralisation, a naturally occurring process that (along with a fully natural and unprocessed diet) purports to fight decay and naturally re-whitens stained or discoloured teeth.

Pete Evans and Nicola Robinson. Source: Instagram.

Captioning an image of herself with her famous husband, she wrote, "I actually find the subject of 'teeth,' rather fascinating! There's plenty of information about our pearly whites coming to light too! Like the arising knowledge about tooth remineralisation - an Earth Suit function that many teeth enthusiasts once deemed impossible!" the wellness devotee wrote.

Evans has previously come under fire for sharing his love of natural sunscreen and his anti-fluoride stance.

Robinson's Instagram post about tooth remineralisation. Source: Instagram.

Like her 43-year-old husband, Robinson boasts a huge social media following.

"A simple 'Google' search will lead you all over the show & enlighten you as to how to care for your precious ivories inside & out!" her post continued.

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Sharing Evans' views that we should do away with fluoride and chemical toothpastes, Robinson recommends a homemade toothpaste solution from blogger, Wellness Mama, which consists of calcium powder, baking soda, coconut oil, essential oils, Diatomaceous Earth and Xylitol Powder.

While tooth remineralisation sounds good in theory, it's important to note that the success of the naturally occurring process is completely dependent on an individual's hormones and body chemistry.

 Evans and Robinson together on their wedding day. Source: Instagram

Speaking to the Daily Mail about Robinson's preferred toothpaste, Dr. Angelo Lazaris explained, "Calcium carbonate powder and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and Diatomaceous Earth (silica powder) are all extremely abrasive so of course the teeth will be whiter because any extrinsic (surface) stains will be removed…as will the enamel."

Lazaris continued, "I’d be very cautious about advocating such an abrasive cocktail because enamel can not regenerate…once it’s gone, it’s gone forever."

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