Oh, crap. Pete Evans thinks there's a right and wrong way to do a poo.

Guys, Pete Evans thinks we’re pooing wrong. Bummer.

Not content with taking our sunscreen, toothpaste and three square meals a day, the TV chef turned Paleo guru is now gunning for our plumbing, and we’re both offended and intrigued.

Rather than plonking your toosh down on the seat and settling in for the long haul, the My Kitchen Rules co-host would prefer us to squat over the bowl with the help of a stool.

That’s right – a stool for your… stools.

Knees Up is the piece of equipment favoured in the Evans household, with the man himself saying they’ve been using it for a few years.


And while many of us may have had an ~eventful~ experience using squat toilets overseas or in airports, the product’s website insists we’re the ones who’ve been pooing wrong.

“While today’s toilets might be convenient, the physical act of simply sitting on the toilet seat with our feet firmly on the floor inhibits, rather than enhances, the quality of our poo,” their website reads.

“Sitting causes an awkward angle to occur in our anal canal. And there’s a key muscle – the technical term being the puborectalis – that basically gets all choked up, making it harder to eliminate the waste from our bodies.”

The stool designed in Australia and made from bamboo claims to “minimise the amount of time you spend on the loo”, which is bad news for dads around the country who rely on toilet time to catch up on what’s happening in the world.

Look, it could be a load of crap. But we’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Would you try one of these pooing stools in your bathroom?

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