Chris sits in the same spot everyday with his pet rat Lucy. And then someone stole her.


Everyday since Alyson began her job in Sydney’s CBD, she walks past a man named Chris and his pet rat, Lucy.

In a now viral Facebook status published on Wednesday afternoon, Alyson wrote that Chris chats to passersby, while Lucy happily munches and sleeps.

“They are a feature of Sydney city life & I have always smiled when I see them & felt glad they have each other,” Alyson said.

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“So I was genuinely distressed to pass by today & see Chris without Lucy and for him to tell me that on Saturday some heartless person had whisked her away. Taking a homeless persons loved pet – seriously, what a really low act.”

She went on to prompt readers to share the status, in the hopes of retrieving Lucy. “I promised Chris I’d try this,” she said.

With more than 11,000 shares and thousands of reactions, the post has been shared all over NSW, with many commenting that they know Chris and Lucy and hope he is reunited with his pet.

In an accompanying photograph, Chris can be seen sitting on a milk crate with a handwritten sign. It reads: “My pet rat Lucy was stolen on Saturday, Lucy is black and white with a bite [sic] of brown.”

The post has since been shared on Reddit Australia.

“Never ceases to amaze me that people still find a way to steal, even from those that have nothing,” one comment reads.

“This is so shit,” reads another. “This guy is a champ. Last time I saw him was a month or two ago and he was showing Lucy to a bunch of people on Pitt St. Really cheery guy that was so proud of his pet.”

We wish Chris all the best in finding his pet rat Lucy.

 Mamamia has reached out to Alyson Pearce for comment.