This ANZAC-themed pub ad has caused outrage online.

A Perth pub has faced a public backlash after promoting a GI Jane-themed ANZAC eve party on social media.

The Brass Monkey posted an image to its Facebook page advertising the ‘GI JANE: Celebrating Sisters That Serve’ event, which features bullets and a woman in a GI Jane outfit and full makeup, holding a machine gun. The poster encouraged party-goers to dress up to win prizes.

After receiving criticism from the public, the pub removed the poster from its Facebook page.

When Mamamia reached out to The Brass Monkey for comment, the pub said that although there was "no disrespect intended" when they organised the event, they were not prepared to comment on it.

The Brass Monkey is the same pub that came under fire in December last year for their 'fraternity-themed' New Year's Eve event, in which they hung several banners made of bed sheets with crude messages from the pub’s balconies.

“You teach her morals, we’ll teach her oral,” one banner read.

Regardless of the establishment's intent, the latest ANZAC day stunt has upset droves of people online.

Do you think the public backlash was justified?